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The Amazing Animated Artwork of Nathan Vieland

I grew up in a small town in the Appalachian hills, with a close connection to the forms and patterns of the wilderness. At a young age I found work in the construction industry where I acquired a fascination with the notion of “progress” and the never ending cycle of construction and destruction. Later I worked as a patent illustrator, witnessing the constant stream of innovation and technological improvement flow through our office. My current work incorporates all of these ideas, investigating the meaning of human progress, and it’s unfolding role in nature.

I graduated from Ohio University in 2010 with a degree in painting and a minor in philosophy. Since then I’ve illustrated a children’s book called The Gnome Lexicon. I also spent two years working and drawing with the artists and activists at The Beehive Design Collective.  I now live and work as an artist and illustrator in Eugene, Oregon.

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Freshman year of college 
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Julian Opie, Tube Station Sofa, 1999
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Developing zebrafish embryo

Our understanding of how animals grow from a single cell to billions of cells has benefited tremendously from the easy-to-visualize nature of zebrafish embryos. This video begins roughly two hours after a zebrafish egg has been fertilized and covers approximately 24 hours of the embryo’s life. In less than a day, the embryo will progress through dramatic changes in shape as cells move and specialize in a process called gastrulation. By 9 hours after fertilization, the rudimentary brain will start to thicken, and by 12 hours, premature eyes form. Muscular twitches begin and exaggerate from 20 hours onward before the heart even starts beating properly. Within three days from the start of its one-cell journey, the fish will reach the length of a sesame seed before swimming in search of food.

Video by Dr. Andrei Kobitski, Dr. Jens Otte and Dr. Johannes Stegmaier, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.





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♥7078 "Forget everything. Open the windows. Clear the room. The wind blows through it. You see only its emptiness, you search in every corner and don’t find yourself."

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